Q: How much is a table (generic)?

A: How much is a cart of groceries? How much is a car? The answer to this is: IT DEPENDS. It depends on many variables such as size, design, species of wood, timeline, material costs and availability, finish, etc.

Q: Why are you more expensive than_________?

A: We are a two man shop and we pay ourselves a livable wage. This is a business, not a hobby. We cannot compete with a grandpa in his garage, a factory in china, that guy who has a trust fund or a spouse making six figures. Overhead and materials are expensive. We still make each piece by hand without the aid of a computer controlled machine and this takes time. I could go on and on about this topic, if you’re interested in hearing my rant, schedule a meeting.

Q: Can you do it cheaper than_______________?

A: No. Respectfully, I don’t ask a brain surgeon to paint my house because I know his hourly rate. If you’re interested in hiring craftsmen to produce your work, please be aware that we are not cheap.

Q: I’ve lived without a dining table for the better part of a decade, and I NEED one in 2 weeks, can you do it?

A: Are you willing to pay for it? If you are questioning why it would be more expensive, please see question 2.

Q: We have a budget, are you willing to work with us?

A: Yes, but not every time. We can come up with solutions that might work within your budget. It’s important to manage expectations here.

Q: I don’t understand why it takes longer than I want to wait? I can get things from Amazon in 2 days.

A: I start every commission with a meeting to manage expectations. Quality takes time and money. If you don’t have reasonable patience, I would suggest buying something from the store.

Q: You seem difficult to work with or have an attitude problem, is that true?

A: On the contrary, I have have a long list of satisfied clients that are repeat customers. I don’t tend to sugarcoat things, I’d rather give it to you straight as to not waste your time or mine. If I do not believe that we are a good fit then I will tell you, please don’t take that personally. In all honesty, we’ll probably share a couple of laughs together.

Q: Do you do commercial work?

A: Yes we do. We have plenty of references available.

Q: Do you refinish furniture?

A: No, that is a specialized industry and frankly I don’t have the patience, interest, or resources to do it. We will, however, refinish pieces that we have built.

Q: We are cutting down a big tree, do you want it?

A: No. thank you. The logistics and costs are prohibitive.

Q: If you discount your estimate, we’d tell everyone we know that you built it and you’d probably get tons of business. OR: I have a retail business and we’d love to showcase your furniture because we get TONS of traffic.

A: Why wouldn’t you recommend me anyways if you’re satisfied? I’ve been doing this for 20 years and not once has this “deal” ever worked out in my favor. I can’t work for free anymore and still respect myself. I have bills to pay and advertising doesn’t pay the bills.