De-stress your home in 2020 – MID-CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE

Aah, the start of a new decade. And what better time to update your home to a new, stress-free environment? There is no doubt that stress levels have been at an all-time high over the past decade. And we all know that reducing clutter in the home can have a huge positive impact. But what does your furniture have to do with reducing stress?

You may be familiar with the rocking chair in the above photo. Many of us are, and many of us are still holding onto something similar with its too many loops and curves. Or perhaps an inherited antique dresser or chair with all its intricate, detailed carvings. Maybe you have a whole room stuffed with such items, building up dust in every crack and crevice.

While these pieces can be works of art, they are cringe-worthy when it comes to maintenance and upkeep. Not to mention the time it takes. Besides from the aesthetics viewpoint, the dust buildup in the cracks of your furniture can also be detrimental to your health.

Something Old, Something New

Craig Bayens, owner of C. Bayens Furniture, hit the nail on the head when he said that “Less is more, and simple is better.”

As Louisville, Kentucky’s only designer and maker of contemporary and mid-century modern furniture, Craig knows that “design doesn’t have to be complicated to be appealing.”

So, what are “contemporary” and “mid-century modern” furniture?  While the terms themselves sometimes have definitions that are hard to pin-point, the furniture design itself is simple.

Although they do differ in some ways—contemporary furniture features more state-of-the-art materials such as glass and metals, while mid-century modern furniture tends to feature more woods and earthier elements—they are both subtle and urban in their appeal. Here are a few of their other similarities:

  1. Both are furniture that are more organic in shape and form while still remaining very minimal in nature due to the lack of ornate details when compared to pieces from still older eras.
  2. Both have esthetics that are minimalist.
  3. Both have a very open-space feel.
  4. Both have clean, sleek, architectural lines as their signature.

You can see some examples here

So, while both styles have their own charm and attractions, both allow for a more relaxed, stress-free environment—an effective way of reducing that “feeling of clutter”.

It’s no wonder then, that a lot of major home building companies such as Fischer Homes and Century Communities Inc. , are now furnishing their model homes with both the contemporary and mid-century modern styles. Joy Perkins, the designer responsible for interior design in the model homes of Fischer Homes stated, “it is because it is a better point of sale, the style makes the home buyer feel more relaxed, happy, and it [the style] helps us stay true to the ‘open-feel’ concept that Fischer Homes are known for.”

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Functional Design

Design is more than what meets the eye. And as Craig Bayens puts it when he designs his furniture, “each piece must be fully functional—to be functional, it must serve its intended purpose—otherwise it is just a piece of art.”

“To be functional means you are getting the most out of your furniture by saving your space and looking stylish. You are also getting a higher quality of living, more space to create within your existing space. The multi-purpose furniture helps you to relax and better enjoy your living spaces with less stress.”

At C. Bayens Furniture, he offers a high-quality collection and custom made Contemporary and Mid-Century Modern Furniture, with a mix-and-match of functional design elements suitable for any modern space.

Contact Craig Bayens today and begin de-stressing in 2020!